About Us

Do you want to order fresh cut flowers for a loved one's Birthday, Wedding or Congratulating those close to you? Forget-Me-Not Florists has been providing a reliable and trustworthy service since 1982. Our floral experts are here to provide the best customers service possible; which is to delight and make you smile.

Forget-Me-Not Florist has over thirty years experience in arranging wedding, fresh cut and silk flowers in Sligo. Our florists have a wealth of experience in arranginging bridal flowers, We provide a unique service to each bride and groom choosing their flowers . You can view some of our bridal flowers on our weddding page or on our Facebook page

To us flowers provide a creative and colourful aspect to each and every day. They can set a tone or theme, they can be used to enhance and complement your special day. They are the finishing touch and the final flourish to your whole ensemble so it is vital that you get the very best of our expert advice.

No matter the event you are planning, we have the floral arrangements for you please contact us to arrange a free consultation.